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A Star is Born! It's Katy Perry's Posh Pooch!

May 13, 2017

A Star is Born! It's Katy Perry's Posh Pooch!

Getting ready for their close-ups in Citi's newest television ad are Beverly Hills residents Katy Perry and Nugget.

Katy's irresistible teacup poodle is breaking into show biz. Now appearing in a starring role in her mom’s new ad for Citi’s Double Cash card, Nugget gets her own personalized chair and Perry’s full attention, which is just the way she wants it.

“I’ve traveled from stage to stage with Katy, but it’s time to take my place in the spotlight." Nugget commented through her publicist. “I'm finally on a pedestal, where I belong.” 

And since Katy and Nugget love to shop, you'll probably spot them at Only in Beverly Hills scooping up all the best dog fashions and toys.

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