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Artwork and Luxury in Beverly Hills

August 12, 2017

Artwork and Luxury in Beverly Hills

A hotel rolling out some new poolside furniture isn't exactly cause for alert. After all, isn't a lounge chair just a lounge chair?

Well, not exactly...not in Beverly Hills. Always bringing you the very latest, we're calling all style and sun worshippers to join The Beverly Hills Hotel guests and pool crashers for an "Only in Beverly Hills" moment

Be sure to arrive in style wearing the perfect summer white halter tank from Only in Beverly Hills. Don't miss your chance for a truly limited edition Instagram moment!                        #onlyinbh

This luxe lounge bed titled "Le Refuge," will reside poolside at "The Pink Palace" from August 9 to 23. It's more than just a chic break from the hot Hollywood sun - it's actually a piece of art. A work from the imagination of Parisian artist Marc Ange, this divine pink daybed flanked by metal palm trees was first displayed at LA Design Week in April 2017.


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