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Beverly Hills Unveils Floating Art Installation

August 05, 2017

Beverly Hills Unveils Floating Art Installation

A rainbow of lily pads are popping up at The Lily Pond in Beverly Hills Gardens thanks to Portraits of Hope, a group that works on public art, civic education, community engagement, and creative therapy. The exhibit, called "Neon Nights in 3D" will have 3D-Black Light showings every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 8 p.m. - 10 p.m. through August.

Portraits of Hope has helped more than 800 hospitals, schools, after-school programs, and social service agencies participate in their projects and activities as well as adult community service groups, according to their website. The organization, which was founded by brothers Ed and Bernie Massey in 1995, focuses on "creative therapy for hospitalized children, civic education for students in school, and community engagement opportunities for people of all ages" to help create large scale, short-term artwork.

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