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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Travel Tips

March 26, 2017

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Travel Tips
Haven't you always wanted to travel like a Beverly Hills Housewife?
Here are some tips you may...or may not...want to follow!
1. Take 3 suitcases for 5 days to travel the Lisa Vanderpump way.
2. Never sacrifice the glam factor. Travel with your own glam squad and lookbook, like Erika Girardi.
3. Need company while you pack? Try on outfits for your dog. Lisa Rinna does.
4. Spare no expense...pack everything you'll need.
5. And once you've arrived, if you find you've forgotten something, just buy it
6. Before you leave, be sure to stop by Only in Beverly Hills for your travel
jewelry box and indispensable logo tote!

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