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Rooftop Cocktails in Beverly Hills

July 20, 2017

Rooftop Cocktails in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills' fabulous rooftop bars are the place to be this holiday season. Take advantage of our starry evenings and snuggle up for a romantic evening.

Whether you're visiting or a resident, our perfect weather, endless options for al fresco dining, and the ever-present chance of running into a celeb at dinner are reasons to hit the town!

Each of these gems make for a sparkling evening in Beverly Hills...

The Rooftop by JG at the Waldorf Astoria 

The Rooftop Grille at the Montage Hotel

Above Sixty at The SIXTY Hotel

The Peninsula Roof Garden

Before your night out, stop by Only in Beverly Hills to pick up a pair of personal shot glasses and a copy of Celebrity Cocktails. Cheers!


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